Sponsor Letter

Sponsor Me Inc Flashers Basketball Organization is a non-profit volunteer based organization, providing a platform for ages 8-17 with a safe environment. Our youth will learn character, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership through the game of basketball. Sponsor Me Inc has provided so many avenues for our youth many as 2,000 – 4,000 kids in low income areas from around the Treasure Coast areas. Now in 2020 we are introducing our Sponsor Me Inc Flashers. Sponsor Me Inc Flashers has proven quality and will offer the best elite sports program for our youth and always making sure they are our 1st priority.

There are so many expenses that involve maintaining a competitive organization. For example, the use of courts, insurance, referees, equipment, storage and uniforms etc. Sponsor Me Inc Flashers is a successful organization and it will not be if it weren’t for our community leaders, and our community sponsors. Our academics are #1 for our youth and their athletic achievements will continue to grow by the help from our sponsors.

We truly value our sponsors and recognize that support should always be equal. We offer 2 sponsorship packages designed to support our sponsors businesses locally through 14 social media accounts etc. Fan base that attend our games are huge and people in general that knows about Sponsor Me Inc Flashers are big on supporting our youth. Our websites and social media accounts combined is a total of 89,447 followers and growing.

Every year as we continue to better our youth, we sincerely hope your business is able to help our organization by supporting a successful year. If your not able to donate funds, any item or services can help our organization build the future in our youth. We Thank You.